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Document Storage

Document Storage

Secure Document Solutions offers highly-secure document service and storage. See us for your long-term storage needs.

Document Destruction

Document Destruction

We offer document destruction to the highest industry standards. Your papers and records can never be reconstructed.

On-Time Shredding

One-Time Shredding

See us for convenient, one-time shredding for your home or office. Avoid exposure of your sensitive personal and business data.

Scheduled Shredding

Scheduled Shredding

If your business deals with sensitive consumer information, comply with federal regulations through our scheduled shredding.

Chicago Document Management Services

You can save time and money through professional document management service by Secure Document Solutions. Our options enable you to achieve compliance and eliminate security risks according to your needs. We offer Pick Up services throughout the Chicago area and the surrounding communities.

Document Destruction

One-Time Shredding Service

Pick Up Service: Our staff will drive to your Chicago area office or residence. We will load your paperwork into our secure vehicles and destroy them at our state-of-the-art facility. This is environmentally-friendly option for disposing your documents, safely.

Free Drop-Off Service: Simply bring your documents to our New Lenox, Illinois office during regular businesses hours, and we'll accept them and shred them to the highest standards at no cost to you. (Our partnerships with quality recycled paper mills enables us to provide this service.)

Scheduled Shredding Service

  • Options available in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pick-up.
  • Custom scheduling available.
  • Pick Up from multiple locations.
  • Service throughout the city of Chicago and surrounding suburban communities.

We offer storage bins in various sizes for your office. Your employees will have a single location to place documents to be shredded. We pick up your paperwork and move on quickly.

Document Storage and Records Management

The sheer amount of work-flow that business can accumulate throughout the years can be extremely burdensome. In many industries, federal regulation mandates retaining certain sensitive items for a set period of time, eliminating the option of destroying them.

With limited space, many businesses turn to our secure document storage and records management service. Along with our free pick-up, you will have access to our convenient and highly secure facility. Your items will be here for you when you need it. We have several storage options available to accommodate varying volumes of records.

About Our Company

  • Secure Document Solutions offers a safe option for even your most sensitive documents and data.  We offer Certificates of Destruction for your records.
  • Members of the National Association of Information Destruction
  • Secure storage bins, trucks, and warehouse facility.
  • Shredding that goes beyond the requirements of the Federal Trade Commission, for virtually complete destruction.
  • Bonded employees subjected to background checks and testing. 
  • A culture of security and professionalism, earning us the trust of Illinois businesses.

Please call us at 1-888-ITS-SECURE (1-888-487-7328) to learn more about our document management services or to receive a competitive quote for your business.