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We make it simple to legally dispose governmental paperwork. See us also for archive document storage at competitive prices.



We help clinics, doctor's offices, and hospitals meet HIPAA requirements with efficient medical document shredding.



Dispose reams of paperwork, boxes of case files, and sensitive client information with one-time or regular legal shredding.



Avoid security risks with correct document destruction. Protect your financial business with secure and cost effective shredding.

Document Destruction and Storage for Chicago Government Agencies

Government agencies handle more personal information than any other businesses or organization, receiving millions of documents with sensitive information each day. Allowing these documents to pile up can slow down operations and reduce productivity.

A seemingly obvious solution is to have employees shred documents when possible or simply throw documents away. However, using standard shredders can take away time from other task and even fail to effectively destroy the document.

Moreover, improper destruction of documents and data is unlawful and can lead to compromising personal information for individuals and entire communities.

Protect Your Office

Secure Document Solutions is here to help with proper and trusted document destruction services. We have already helped hundreds of businesses and organizations in the Chicago area just like you. Our loyal customers count on our confidential and secure services.

Our shredders completely destroy the document, leaving behind no chance of it ever being reconstructed. This attention to detail is evident in everything we use including our bins, transportation, employees, warehouses, and shredders.

We also provide the convenience you need to keep your office running at optimum levels. We come to you whether you have one office or several that need our services. We also provide one-time paper shredding, scheduled shredding, and records management services.

We work with all government offices, agencies, and departments, including:

  • State Departments
  • Federal Agencies
  • Courthouses and Administrations
  • Boards and Commissions
  • Local Government Offices
  • Public Utility Companies
  • Police and Fire Departments

Call 1-888-ITS-SECURE (1-888-487-7328) or contact us online to learn more about how we can help your Chicago area office through effective document management.